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Our Story


In 1967, five teachers from Carthage Central High, looking to make some extra money, started selling submarine sandwiches out of an old, converted school bus. Their names were Jerry Haley, Robert Martin, Ellis Martin, Charles Lehman, and Keith Waltz. And, if you take the first letter of each of their names and put them together, you get the word, “JRECK.” Which you guessed it, isn’t even a word. Since then, JRECK sub shops have opened up across New York State, all serving fresh, made-to-order subs that prove it’s not about the name – it’s about the taste. We think our founders would agree. 

Roll on into one of our friendly, welcoming JRECK Subs near you and taste for yourself!


• Do you wake up each morning and immediately begin craving JRECK Subs?

• Upon returning from out of town, is JRECK Subs your first stop before even seeing your family?

• Do you visit so often that our team has your sub already half made when you step through our doors?

• Do you live out of state and wish there was a JRECK Subs in your area?

• Do you consider adding Shakers and Oil to your sub a no-brainer?

JRECKIES are our most extreme fans.

For years we’ve been blown away by the loyalty of our customers. Sure. We know we’re making incredible sandwiches and serving them up with a friendly smile day after day….. but other fast-casual restaurants can only dream of having fans like our beloved “JRECKIES.”

We have them in every JRECK community, and we love and appreciate them every day. Stop into a local JRECK Subs soon to see what the obsession is all about. And find out if you’re a JRECKIE!